Why Letting Go Should Be Your New Year's Goal

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As the year comes to a close, most people around the world use this time of year as an opportunity to create a list of things they would like to start doing. Either they want to begin working out, save money, attend church more often, or get their health in order. Oddly enough, most fail to realize they can start at any given moment instead of only waiting until January. The start of a new year is not the only time you can pick up a new habit, or create a new goal. Instead of focusing solely on what you want to start doing, let’s talk about how you can make room for these things as well. Everything that you want to add to your life needs space to stay, therefore, you have to let go of what’s actually taking up the space that you need.



When January comes you need to be ready to dive in full speed. Which means you need to begin taking inventory now because some changes need to take place before the start of the new year. This is the time to get your mind ready for the clean-up that’s about to take place.  You need to declutter your life, home, phone, social media, relationships with others, and emotions.



Why Letting Go Should Be Your New Years Goal_Held In High Esteem.JPG

Here’s an example of what I mean:


Let go of doubt, self-hate, being easily angered, worrying, and overthinking.

Let go of accepting half ass love from others, and and chasing after love.

Let go of not listening to your intuition and blaming others for your mistakes.

Let go of needing the approval of others, losing parts of yourself to please others, and trying to fit in where you don’t belong.

Let go of having loneliness dictate your actions.

Let go of being timid and fearful.

Let go of complacency and staying stagnant in life because it’s comfortable.

Let go of toxic relationships, people who are draining your energy levels, and letting people take advantage of you.

Let go of being hard on yourself and not giving yourself the credit you deserve.

Let go of negative vibes and grudges you’ve been holding onto.

Let go of not acknowledging your strength and perseverance.

Let go of your pain and past traumas.


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This is the year to stop hoarding items, negative emotions, bad thoughts, and destructive behaviors. Stop hoarding meaningless relationships with others as well. Never be afraid to let go. I guarantee once you let go of these things, you’ll get more in return from life.


Letting go of the above will give you the courage, confidence, and motivation to do everything that you’ve always wanted to do. It will give you the proper mindset to truly focus on and achieve your goals. Letting go will allow you to free yourself from everything that has been holding you back. Free yourself from all of your strongholds. Take these last few days to evaluate what you need to let go of in 2018 and why.


Let’s end with this quote I saw on Instagram, “Let it go, because something beautiful is trying to grow in its place.”