Why It’s Absolutely Okay To Date Yourself

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Dating, love, and relationships can be tough right? Once emotions get flowing it’s easy to become wrapped up in the idea of dating someone and everything else that comes with it. We become so focused on pleasing others that we forget about ourselves. We use all of our time on getting to know others, building bonds, and creating memories that there’s no time left for personal use. In the process of trying to do everything for everyone we neglect ourselves. We let our lives become consumed with the person(s) we love that sacrifice becomes second nature. But have you ever thought to yourself “What about me?” What about your own needs, wants, desires, and expectations?


When’s the last time you put in just as much work into yourself as you did with another relationship? When’s the last time you planned a self-care day, or did something nice for yourself? When’s the last time you went to the movies or out to dinner by yourself? It may sound taboo, but spending time with yourself and learning who you are is an important part of adulthood. 

Have You Ever Thought About Dating Yourself_Held In High Esteem_.JPEG

It’s absolutely okay to practice dating yourself. For example, you should get to know yourself the same way you would a potential prospect. Reflect on goals, ambitions, past traumas, hobbies, thought process, and so on. Checking in with your inner self periodically will help to stay in tune with and own your truth.


Get to know yourself inside and out. It’s essential that you find yourself and identify the path you’re traveling on before you bring someone else into your life. Don’t wait until you get into a relationship to recognize who you really are, your likes and dislikes, wants and needs. Don’t be that person who doesn’t have an idea of what they want until the relationship has come to an end. 


Create an idea of what courtship looks like. Instead of worrying about the way someone is treating you, how they’re not acting right, or not spending enough time with you; channel that energy into something positive. Give yourself what the other person is lacking. Dating yourself will help you to set appropriate standards and recognize your worth. When you treat yourself the way you deserve, it will become mandatory for others to do the same.


Always choose yourself!