What It Really Means To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

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Being comfortable in your skin doesn’t mean you have to stay complacent with yourself. It doesn’t mean never needing to change, or never needing to improve some area of your life. It doesn’t mean being narcissistic, arrogant, or prideful. It means you have the confidence in yourself, and believing  in yourself because confidence plays a crucial role in the self-love department. When you feel better about yourself, you tend look better and act accordingly in your day-to-day mannerisms. When you feel confident in who you are, it will show through your actions, personal demeanor, and interaction with others.


Without confidence it will be hard to recognize your worth and flourish into who you were put on this Earth to be. When your confidence is where it should be, you’ll have no problem standing up for yourself, or pushing yourself to try new things. How you view yourself and allow others to treat you will be a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. When you don't feel confident in yourself, you’re more likely to feel shy, or unworthy of good things coming your way.


Have confidence in being different, standing out from the crowd, and being unique- after all these are things that make up who you are as a person. Fall in love with yourself and your flaws. Love yourself unconditionally and make it a habit to practice some form of self-care every day. Get comfortable with your body, weaknesses, failures, personality, and so on. Get comfortable in your own skin.

What It Really Means To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin_Held In High Estee.JPEG

When you look in the mirror what are some things that initially come to mind? Are they positive or self-sabotaging? Do you typically compliment, or critique your appearance? Do you encourage yourself, or speak to your fears? Are you comfortable with your flaws, and accept yourself just as you are? Do you speak life, or down talk yourself?


Getting comfortable with yourself is not only about body confidence, but your progression in life as well. Do you feel accomplished? Are you reaching your goals and progressing in some type of way? Remember, small progress is still progress. Travel at your own pace and not the pace of others. It’s understood that some things take time, but you should strive to do better each and every day. Stop comparing yourself to others because it will only leave you feeling empty inside.


If needed, do some soul searching to figure out exactly why you feel inferior to others, or lack self-confidence. It could stem from a past relationship, childhood trauma, or void in your life. When you are true to yourself, you can build the confidence you need. Evaluate each area of your life to see what you need to do next.