The Truth About Generational Curses

The Truth About Generational Curses_Held in high esteem

As the halfway mark of the year has come and passed, the time for self-evaluation is here upon us. It’s time to evaluate how far you’ve come in 2017. Are you on the right track? Did you reach your goals? Did you hit those milestones? I usually write about goals and motivation, but today I want to talk about the barriers to those goals. As I thought about all the roadblocks, detours, and barriers we face in life, generational curses came to mind. It has the potential to severely impact or influence your fate, your family, and your decisions.


Growing up, I frequently heard the term generational curses come up in conversation with my older family members. The same problems one person struggled with, someone from the generations before and after did too. These problems and curses were carried down from one generation to the next, creating a vicious, yet hard to break cycle. Some consider it a true curse, or an evil spirit hovering over the family, and others consider it to be a stronghold of some sort.


One example would be if a son, dad, and grandpa all had criminal records. Another example is if anyone from the second and third generations were all divorced. Other examples of these “curses” can include alcoholism, drug use, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, mental illness, infidelity, being a high school dropout, suicide, debt, and so on. Instead of each generation learning from the one before, they still fall victim to the same problems ironically. One careless decision after another leads to a lifetime of bad choices, which eventually influenceS the family as a whole.


Can you reflect back to a moment when it felt like everyone in your family was under attack, with one thing after another happening? When it seemed like there was always some kind of drama going on? And no matter how hard you tried, you could never escape the chaos of your family? Exhausting right? Well, it’s time you put your old life behind you, and look forward to the future. In order to break a generational curse, you have to want more for yourself, your generation, and the ones to come after. Below are some tips you can follow as you work towards better days.


Truth About Generational Curses_Held in high esteem
  1. Stay prayed up because you’ll definitely need God on your side for this. Gather all your prayer warriors, and know your faith will be tested, but stay strong.
  2. Create a new path to walk down. Be the leader your family needs and be the first to try something new. Understand you will have to go against the wave of what everyone else is doing, but that’s okay. Fitting in should no longer be your main objective.
  3. People will talk, so what. Forget what “they” have to say. Ignore the people who think you’re acting boujee. Don’t feel ashamed or guilty because you want more for yourself.
  4. Keep going and understand you have a purpose to fulfill. Embrace change and enjoy what’s to come. Shake off the old you and embrace the new you.  
  5. Break the negative statistics, the bondage, and curses. Breaking a generational curse is all about having a fulfilling life and renewed mentality.


Life is a series of decisions, with each decision leading to another. Every door you open is a decision waiting to be made. Each door holds a series of consequence that will forever change your life. Your decisions from here on out will determine if you choose to break the generational curses once and for all, or if you will continue to let it ruin you. Time is of the essence, and it’s time you start making better decisions for the sake of your goals and life. Which door will you choose to open today?