The Go-Getters Guide To Prioritizing Your Life

The Go-Getters Guide To Prioritizing Your Life_Held In High Esteem.JPEG

When your priorities are in line, everything else seems to flow a lot easier — life seems brighter, stress appears lower, and the worries of this world are non-existent for the most part. Having everything together can make you feel like you’re really getting the hang of this adult thing. No matter the path you may stray onto, always remember to stay faithful to your goals. Occasionally we all fall off tack, but never allow your life to become filled with could’ves and should’ves. Consider these four steps your very own guide to prioritizing your life.


1. Make a to-do list you can keep up with.

By using the note app on your phone you can create a to-do list and keep track of it as well. With a simple tap on the screen, update it as needed anytime something new crosses your mind.


2. Use a planner.

Planners help to keep your day, week, and month organized. Mark your calendar with upcoming appointments, meetings and special occasions. If planners aren’t your thing, then use the calendar app instead. Free up some space in your mind by jotting down important dates and setting reminders. Doing things this way prevents the worry of forgetting something crucial.


The Go-Getters Guide To Prioritizing Your Life_Held In High Esteem.JPEG

3. Use Sundays or Mondays as a planning day.

Set aside a specific day or time as your preparation session. Prepare instead of procrastinate. Stay organized and manage your time efficiently. By the end of the week you’ll be ready to reward yourself for being productive. When you plan out your week, you’re more likely to feel motivated. When you become familiar with what’s ahead, you’ll be ready to tackle the week instead of dreading it.


4. Set a spending budget for the week.

Budgets don’t have to be a bad thing; they simply keep us aware of our finances. At this age everyone should become intentional with their money and spending habits because financial stability is huge part of adulating 101. When you set a budget, also include a few “no spend” days. Agree that on these specific days you won’t spend any money whatsoever.


Hold yourself accountable to finally prioritizing your life, and getting things in order. Can you think of any other ways to incorporate organization into your daily routine?