Stop Sulking In Your Sorrow

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Imagine sorrow as this big hole that you’ve found yourself in. You’re stuck in it because the weight of your emotions are holding you down. This hole begins to fill with dirt and it’s slowing turning into mud; when it rains it pours. Your efforts to climb out are unsuccessful. What tools and techniques can you think of to get yourself out?


Sulking in sorrow isn’t fun

Sulking in sorrow is damaging to your soul.

Sulking in sorrow doesn’t solve your problems.

Sulking in sorrow doesn’t make you feel any better.


If it doesn’t help in any sort of way, then why do we do it? Because it’s easy and comfortable, that’s why. It’s so easy to get discouraged and pity yourself. It’s so easy to say something negative and beat yourself up. Getting over sorrow, depression, and moodiness is uncomfortable because you don’t quite know what to do next. You’ve got to pick yourself up, give yourself a pep talk and go on about your day. Affirm, encourage and motivate yourself, that’s the key. Become your own personal life coach and motivational speaker.


Here’s a word you don’t hear too often: Coping skills!! What’s that you ask? Well coping skills are the things you do to deal with stress when it arises. Coping skills are how you choose to handle life when things get tough. Examples can be staying to yourself, spending time with friends/family/significant other, a happy hour meetup, eating sweets, using drugs, shopping, cleaning, listening to music and so on.


The question to ask yourself is, are your coping skills healthy or unhealthy? Do your coping skills align with you digging yourself out of that hole or not? Although spending time with others is great, you don’t want to become dependent on someone else and the way they make you feel. Get comfortable with yourself, and rely on yourself only. Happy hours can be a great relief from a stressful day, but you don’t want to pick up a drinking habit either.


I know for a fact the life you planned for yourself doesn’t include sulking in sorrow, so create a plan you can use and put it in place. Don’t fall into the trap of staying stuck in one place, unable to bounce back from a moment of discouragement.


Today is the day to choose joy!