Saying No Is Actually Good For You

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Have you ever made plans with someone just because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings by saying no, and instantly regretted your answer? Have you ever been happy to have your plans with someone canceled because you really didn’t feel like going in the first place? We’ve all been there right?


We live in a world where people are doings things they really despise instead of allowing their actions to align with their vibes. This is why effort is half-ass and relationships are fake. If something doesn’t feel right then don’t do it, no need to make things complicated. Saying no is one sure way to set personal boundaries for yourself and for others to abide by.


Boundaries don’t necessarily keep you in a box, but instead they help you to honor the self-care process. Boundaries protect you from feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Boundaries prevent others from taking advantage of you. Boundaries ensure you remain in control of yourself.

Say No Is Actually Good For You_Held In High Estee.JPEG


Not all compromises and sacrifices are worth it, stop compromising yourself for the pleasure of someone else. It’s time you stopped agreeing to things you really don’t mean or want to do. It’s time you got comfortable saying no.

1. Stop explaining why your answer is “no”. Explaining yourself leaves the door open for you to be persuaded to change your mind. If you really feel the need to explain your reasoning, just be honest.


2. Take time to think about your answer before you respond. Think ahead to any other prior obligations, or the mood you think you’ll be in when that time comes.


3. Think about the energy and effort it will take to commit to a “yes”.


4. Saying no from the very beginning looks better than cancelling at the last moment, which makes you seem flaky.


5. Try to think of an alternative solution if it really bothers you to say no. You can suggest another activity that you’ll actually enjoy, a different day or time that better suits your schedule.


6. Remember, If you can’t or just don’t want to, it’s okay. Life goes on.