Push Through To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Push THrough To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Held in High Esteem.jpg

Earlier this year I talked about how you can stay motivated even when you don’t reach your goals by the deadline you set for yourself. I shared a personal story of my own struggles in 2015 when I had only accomplished two of the five goals on my list. I was devastated, and felt as if I had wasted a year of my life. I wasn’t focused at all, but redemption was around the corner. I had to take a moment of reflection to get back on course. Giving up was not an option, discouragement had to go, and I had to push through. Take a peek at ‘Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Yourself’.


With it being the last month of the year I’m going to talk about progression and goal setting of course! Did you reach your goals? Was this year better than last year? If you could describe 2016 in one word, what would it be? My motto for this year is “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone”. I even created a t-shirt with this exact saying. You can purchase one here. Stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for reaching any goal, especially one that requires growth. You have to push yourself beyond what you think is possible, and live your life to the fullest without any regrets.


Don't place mental barriers over yourself because nine times out of ten those barriers don't actually exist. Think and operate outside the box.

I'll use myself as an example. I started this blog and apparel line in 2016. At first I procrastinated, and even tried to talk myself out of doing it because I was scared to fail. This was all new to me. I didn’t know anything about blogging, marketing on social media, or fashion and clothing. Creating everything on my own and starting from the bottom was very overwhelming. I had tons of research to do and I'm still learning as I go. I frequently thought to myself:

What if people don't care to hear what I want to say?
What if no one buys a shirt?
What if I offend someone with my opinions?
What if no one visits my website?

I didn’t want to live life wondering "what if". I had to get uncomfortable to make Held In High Esteem happen. I wanted to 'be' instead of 'hoping to be'. I wanted to extend my reach to as many women and people as possible. I wanted to inspire and uplift those in need. I wanted to provide a platform for women to speak and hear words of encouragement. This meant I had to remain focused on my goals and keep my vision close to me. I had to push through my fears, doubts, and complacency because I knew it was what I needed. So here’s what I did to make this happen.

  • I saved a list of goals in my phone that I wanted to complete for the year.
  • I created and set a vision board by my bed so it’s the first and last thing I see when I wake up and go to bed.
  • I set smaller goals to achieve every week which would eventually lead to my overall goal.
  • I told my family and friends the goals I wanted to reach, and I asked them to hold me accountable. 
  • Being organized and planning ahead helped me to prepare myself adequately.


Make your own list and keep it close to you. Get on track before 2017 comes by finishing 2016 strong. Tell me what’s your plan to finish chapter 12 of 12?

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