How To Survive A Season Of Delayed Gratification

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I can feel myself growing.
Everything around me is changing.
I’m in between blessings right now.


Can you relate to one of the above phrases? When you’re going through all three at the same time, I like to call this a season of delayed gratification.


Delayed gratification may be difficult at first because right now all you see is sacrifice after sacrifice, wait after wait, and one frustration after the next. The seeds you're sowing now will turn into a harvest sure enough. You’ll reap blessings, rewards, abundance, and prosperity in due time.


But as for now, you have to deal with the delay of the things you wish would come. I know this can be hard because we live a world of instant gratification. We’re accustomed to getting what we want when we want it. We cringe at the thought of having to wait, and we hate the word patience. But I must say, waiting for things to take place has brought some of the most beautiful experiences and outcomes.

How To Survive A Season Of Delayed Gratification_ Held In High Esteem.JPEG


A lot of time we see other people living the life we want and doing the things we want to do; but we don’t know what they went through to get there. Instead of focusing on someone else, focus on yourself and mind your own business. Understand that delayed gratification must take place if you want to reach your goals. In the end you’ll be glad you took the steps you did.


Let’s talk delayed gratification for the sake of goal attainment. When you set a goal and plan to stick with it, it may require you to delay other things. For example if the goal is to save money then you’ll have to delay the urge to spend frivolously, travel, and eating out several times a week. If your goal is to lose weight or build muscle then you’ll have to delay eating junk food and drinking alcohol. Instead you’ll have to remember what’s convenient may not be what’s best for you.


With less than 5 weeks left in the year, what goal will you work to achieve? What will you have to cut off or delay? What will you have to sacrifice? You will be able to reap the benefits of that short term sacrifice for the rest of your life. In time you’ll be able to have what you want, just not yet. Remember, not yet does not mean ever.