How To Keep Your Sanity While Looking For Peace

How To Keep Your Sanity While Looking For Peace_ Held In High Esteem

What’s the cost of peace? Having small circle of friends, knowing when to burn bridges, or having standards?

Peace of mind… peace from within… or peace of it all. Obtaining peace is something we learn overtime with practice and repetition. It doesn’t come easy, and you’ll definitely get tested, but each trial life throws at you is a chance to build your endurance.


Life is too short to not have peace about your life and circumstances. Who wants to walk around feeling tired and stressed all the time? I surely don’t. More importantly why do we let other people and circumstances disrupt our peace? It could be something so small as being cut off while driving, or hearing something you don’t like. We usually ponder over it all day and end up in a bad mood because we can’t let something go. You’re basically giving other people the power to dictate how you feel. Just think about this statement and tell me how much truth there is to it:

“He who angers you, controls you.”

Without peace you’ll always be in a constant state of emotional fluctuation. Let’s talk about the top five things everyone needs to understand to obtain peace.

How To Keep Your Sanity While Looking For Peace_ Held In High Esteem

Have peace in knowing you’re going to be okay. Whether it’s the worst situation you’ve been in or just something minor, you must know you’re going to be okay either way. You’ve made it through all your other bad days and trying moments, right? So focus on bouncing back.


Have peace in knowing hard times won’t last forever.  Understand “this too shall pass.”Happiness doesn’t last forever, and neither does pain. The storm you’re facing will pass over.


Have peace in knowing all your struggles will be worth it in the end. Trials build character, perseverance, and strength. They mold you into the person you are and in the end you will realize why you had to go through what you did. Find the silver lining, or bright side to each event that occurs.


Have peace in knowing your time is coming to experience pure bliss. There’s a time for everything to take place. A time to laugh and a time to cry. A time to be on top of the world and a time to experience the lowest of lows. Everyone has their moment, and when it comes, you need to be prepared.


Have peace in no longer stressing over the “why’s.”  Have you ever been so annoyed with life that you stop to ask God why? Why is this happening to me? Why now? Stressing over the “why’s” will always leave you more confused, distraught, and emotional than before. Focus on how to get through this moment, instead of why things aren’t going the way you had hoped.


Peace should be sought out in all that you do, if it doesn't sit right with your spirit then it's not for you. Protect your vibes from things, people, and places that can send your peaceful bliss plummeting. Be wise in what you give your energy to.

Now is the time to get your peace because this is your year. Find your peace, obtain your peace, and increase your peace.