How To Jumpstart Your Faith Walk

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The bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Faith is how we push through those tough and unmanageable moments in life. Faith is how we “let go and let God,” it’s when the outcome is unknown, but you will continue to persevere. Here’s what you can do to give your faith a little boost.


1. Use and stretch your imagination. Although you can’t physically measure or weigh faith, you can imagine what you hope will happen. If you want to do something, you must be able to see yourself doing it. Don’t just imagine yourself doing it, but do it exceedingly and abundantly. You want to surpass your expectations by stretching your imagination beyond what you’ve ever seen.


2. Take the initiative. You have to start somewhere without the help of anyone else. By starting I mean doing, and not just planning. I’m talking actions over words. Replace procrastination with initiation.

How To Jumpstart Your Faith_Held In High Esteem.JPEG


3. Risk failure and bounce back. You may not know how something will turn out, but you must be willing to bet on yourself. Take the risk to see what will happen. All success comes from taking the first step on a potential outcome.  If you do fail, you have to bounce back and keep going. Never give up on yourself.


4. Be persistent. Let me say that again, be persistent. Keep at it and don’t give up. Persistence is attractive, and it pays off with results. When you get knocked down, it’s your persistence that will give you the strength to get back up and try again.


5. Expect the best. Assume the best and claim it. Have faith that good things will happen to you. Your vision, thoughts, and actions need to align with one another to show just what you hoped for. When you expect bad things, they begin to appear in different forms.


Where does your faith stand today?