How Change Can Inspire You to Take Control

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Hello world! I recently went through a season of discouragement and change, when it rained it poured. Things really became difficult for me, so much that I felt I was losing myself; but as this being an inspiration blog, I wanted to share my experiences with others.


I felt as if life had me ALL the way messed up, but I also knew God was at work behind the chaos. These past 3 months included losing my job, moving in with my parents, adjusting to a new city, relationship issues, financial concerns, and being in a constant funk. It was a true definition of “When it rains it pours”. Everything happened all at once, one blow after another. I was completely caught off guard with all that was unfolding before my eyes. It happened so unexpected that there was not any time to prepare.


All I could think was "Why me, what did I do to deserve this? I'm a good person, I mind my business, I help others, I pay my taxes and even tithe sometimes. Why me Lawd"!? *cues dramatic music in the background* But then it hit like an epiphany. The conversation went a little like this.

God: This is what you've been praying for.

Me: I didn’t mean like this though. I know they say you have a funny sense of humor, but this isn’t funny at all.

God: I will take care of everything. You are going to be fine, and better than before.

Me: But I don’t want to leave Dallas, this is home for me. All of my friends are here, my life is here, and I love my home.

God: You also hated your job, you had been praying for a new one and for higher pay.  You’ve been praying for the chance to pay off debt, save money, and be closer to your family. Now is the time.

Me: But I am not ready to go, Dallas is my home, and I’m too old to live with my parents. Why can’t things just work out here?

God: Just trust me on this, it’s time to go. Also, If you want to inspire people with Held in High Esteem then you're going to have to go through a few things yourself. This is how you can help others, share your experiences, and back up everything you've been saying to them.

Me: But this isn’t fair, I’ve been through enough already.

God: Pack up your things and go.


Needless to say, as you can tell I made that move. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t feel good about it for a while, but through it all I felt at peace. To show you how God operated, I had a job interview two days later in a new city. I was offered that same job within 2 weeks and my salary was also doubled.  This means I actually have the opportunity to save and pay off debt. Now that is a testimony for sure! Some days are good, and other days aren’t, but I know it will all work itself out.

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Below I’ve listed 6 key steps that helped me adjust to change. I'm sure it will help you too.

Embrace what is happening to you.

When things get out of wack, the first thing many of us do is panic because we can sense our control of the situation fading away, but instead you should go with the flow of things. By adjusting to change instead of being resistant to it, you can gain control over your emotions and thoughts. Doing so will help you to focus on your next move, and create a plan of action.


Find your happiness.

Find the motivation to do activities that make you feel good inside and out. The key word here is “find” because I know if you’re going through it, you won’t feel like doing much of anything. So this part will take some extra effort. It can start with getting out the bed, then progressing to taking a walk, watching a movie, listening to a sermon or podcast, or getting out of the house.


Keep up with your circle of friends and family.

Now is NOT the time to cut off contact with the entire world, you need as much support as you can get. Shutting yourself off from everyone will only make you feel worse and push you deeper into your own darkness. Let others know what you are going through so they can encourage you, check on you, and make sure you don't lose your mind.


Don't worry.

You know stress is the number one killer right? During times such as these, most people lose weight, stop eating, experience hair loss, or simply just don't "feel like it". Worrying solves absolutely nothing, it only makes you feel worse in actuality. Have you ever noticed the way your heart/chest feels when you worry? Notice a flutter? An increase in heart rate? Feeling irritable? It inflicts more pain on your body than what’s needed, so why put yourself through that?


Aim for peace.

Peace allows you to feel a sense a calmness, or serenity. Peace gives you the “everything is going to be okay mentality”.  You’ve heard the saying “don’t let anyone steal your joy,” but today I’m telling you don't steal your own joy! When you overthink and worry, you take the joy right from under you. So find your peace, be positive and speak life over your situation.


If you know me, then you know one of my mottos is "Push Through". This means you must keep going, and push through because giving up is not an option. Pain and discomfort are temporary, but change is everlasting. Life is filled with change; therefore, change is constant, but you can still control the way you respond to it. The next time life tries to come at you crazy, you will respond by being brave, fearless, and proactive in overcoming discouragement. You possess all the power to make sure those negative emotions don't win.