Review: Confessions Of A WERKaholic

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I was given the opportunity to preview Confessions of a WERKaholic written by Koereyelle DuBose. It is an informative workbook created for women entrepreneurs and aspiring women entrepreneurs alike. This book is filled with many lessons, tips (confessions), and activities to guide you through the process of creating a foundation for your business.

Being that most people reading this book are pressed for time, or have several things on their to-do list, this is a quick read that can be finished in one setting. It is very beneficial, worth your time, and will leave you wanting to learn more. You will finish this book feeling inspired to create a business plan on the spot. With it being a workbook, it’s made to feel interactive by giving you space to work through each activity.  

I love that this book was exactly what I needed to read, it was very relatable, and gave me the confidence to know I am on the right track to starting my business. Here, I can see what areas of improvement I need to focus on, and how to do so. It had just the right amount of material, topics, and activities that made me feel like I learned something versus being swamped with too much information to remember.

It’s good to know what steps are needed to be successful, but for any entrepreneur, remember to work at your own pace. Never feel like you have to do it someone else’s way. Take in what you need, then tweak it to fit your style and business. Always remain consistent with your work. 

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Below I’ve listed a summary of 4 key topics that caught my attention the most:


1.      Create a vision for your business endeavors.

This starts with finding your purpose by creating a list of things you love and are passionate about. This will guide you to find what exactly is your niche and services to be offered. Next, think about your target population and your ideal client. Ask yourself what does your ideal client like, their hobbies, problems, education level, values, and goals. These are some things I never thought of when considering my target demographic because I mostly focused on age, the problem needing to be fixed, and my overall mission. Thinking of your ideal client however will allow you to put yourself in their shoes to see if the services you offer will be beneficial.


2.      Marketing and Engagements.

It is equally important to market yourself through social media, and engage with your followers. This tends to be my biggest problem because I am still getting into the routine of using several social media accounts at once. Usually I am full force on one while I neglect the other. Koeryelle advises not only to like and comment on photos, but to repost, offer collaborations, find potential business partners, or feature one on your page. To stay on top of all social media accounts, set a goal or action plan for each week to increase your followers and engagements.


3.      Envision the life you want to build.

Believe in yourself, speak positive words over your business, and surround yourself with daily motivation. She gives the example of asking yourself what does a day in your dream life look like? From beginning to end how would you describe that day? Use that day as your drive to keep pressing forward until you feel like you’ve made it.


4.      Support yourself when no one else does.

People will only support you once you’ve become successful and have proven your value. In the meantime, as an entrepreneur you must continue to invest in yourself any way you can. This can include paying upfront cost, reading, doing research, watching webinars, etc. We all want support, but sometimes those we want if from can’t give it, or they simply don’t want to. Either way you must accept it and keep reaching for your dreams. 

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Other key topics include:

  • Workspace and Supplies
  • Branding
  • Website and Business Card Checklist
  • Managing Clientele
  • Business Partnerships

I’m going to leave you with an opening quote from this book that every #GirlBoss should remember:

“You’re already equipped with every skill, gift, talent, and connection that you need to make your dreams come true”.