A Complete Guide To Overcoming Your Challenges and Fears

A Complete Guide To Overcoming Your Challenges and Fears. Held in High Esteem.jpg

Life is full of many challenges, often occurring at any moment, without time for much preparation. Experiencing ups and downs are part of the world we live in, but too many times we let these challenges take over, and tare us down to the point of no return. Sometimes we become fearful, and choose to run away instead of facing them head on, but this will only lead to a nasty habit that can create a domino effect in other areas of our lives. If we ever want to “make it out on top”, then we must learn how to overcome what we are faced with.

Know that all challenges are temporary. Some seasons in life are meant to press you beyond your threshold of tolerance simply to teach you some sort of lesson, open your eyes to reality, or to change your mindset and self-sabotaging behaviors. No matter how challenging, do remember that “joys comes in the morning”. Circumstances and challenges do not have to define your life, nor do they have to define who you are as a person.

From past experiences I’ve learned running away from my problems only prolonged the situation, and created a havoc of emotions that followed. Frequently going through the same situations over and over has forced me to change my mindset once and for all. I am ready to face what life has in store for me, and I am ready to learn from the situations that have been placed in my life. I want to grow from my challenges and live fearlessly.

Never let fear determine your future.
A Complete Guide To Overcoming Your Challenges and Fears. Held in High Esteem1.jpg

When facing difficult challenges, I have learned to look inward at my own self first. I usually evaluate one of two things: What have I done to create this challenge? And what are my solutions to getting through it? This immediately puts me in the position to think clearly and act productively.

I want to share with you four things I have personally tried, and can honestly say have helped me to get through difficult days. Although hard to do in the midst of being emotional, stressed, and sensitive; doing these four things are essential nevertheless:

1. Think positive.

When you focus your thoughts on positivity, and things to be grateful for you’ll be surprised how quickly your mood changes. Do not overthink your situation, and certainly do not speak anything negative about yourself. Start your day out with 15 minutes of meditation or prayer to set the tone for how the rest of your day will go.

2. Think of the desired outcome.

Focus on where you're going rather than what you're going through. In this particular situation how would you define success? Realistically how do you imagine yourself overcoming the challenge in front of you? Imagine how you'll feel once you overcome it. Imagine what it means to live fearless and bold. Focus your thoughts on better days, and happier moments that are to come. Believe you have all that you need to overcome.

3. Never give up.

This one is self-explanatory. You’ll thank yourself later that you kept pressing forward, and didn’t stop. Even if you've failed ten times before, the eleventh time can be different. Don't let your circumstances dominate you. After all, why would you choose to give up on yourself?

A Complete Guide To Overcoming Your Challenges and Fears. Held in High Esteem3.jpg

4. Surround yourself with encouragement.

Whether it be people, church, music, books to read, or motivational pages to follow. What you feed your mind will play out in your life. You don’t have to go at it alone, and certainly it would be easier if you didn’t. Daily encouragement will give you the strength to get through your day.


To be fearless and a conqueror means no longer doubting your own abilities, and no longer worrying about the unknown. To be fearless and a conqueror means switching your focus from having a challenge to overcoming anything that stands in your way. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed before because new days are coming your way. Go into a new level of strength and success by making the best of every opportunity and challenge.

Remember, Your thoughts are the key to your reality. you can either waste your
circumstance, or do something good with it.