5 Values Everyone Should Live By In 2018

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Cheers to a New Year y’all, we made it through to the other side!! While most are claiming “new year new me,” you should remain focused on how you can improve the “old” you. In an essence you are in fact the same person you were, the only difference is parts of you are changing, growing and developing as time goes on. Growth and change doesn’t necessarily make you a new person, it just means you’re a better person than you were before.


As change remains constant, always remember which values are important for you to uphold. Values define who you are, and which beliefs you should stand by as you grow through life. When things get crazy and hectic, your values are there to keep you grounded. As we start out the New Year, I believe there are 5 important values everyone should honor in 2018.


Value #1: Honor the way you feel. Too many times we ignore our feelings, or are ashamed for feeling the way we do. We’re stuck feeling like we can’t be ourselves when no one else agrees with the way we feel or think. Stop letting other people make you think the way you feel is invalid. They don’t have to agree with the way you feel, but they do have to respect it and acknowledge it. Just because someone doesn’t understand why you feel the way you do doesn’t mean you’re tripping.

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Value #2: If I said it then I meant it. Stop being afraid to let others know how you feel. Stop acting as if you were just joking or “didn’t mean it like that”. Be real with yourself and stop taking back what you said. Stop hiding behind your words and “lol”. A lot of times we just don’t speak up at all and that’s the problem.


Value #3: Vibes don’t lie. If It doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Aren’t you tired of doing things you really despise? Aren’t you tired of agreeing to things that don’t sit well with you, or things you have no intention of doing? Why subject yourself to be in an environment that gives you bad vibes? We do things, but then complain about them after the fact. We forget no one is really forcing us to do this, we just do it because we think it’s the right thing to do. In 2018 let’s agree to pay more attention to vibes and to stop making ourselves suffer pointlessly.


Value #4: Acknowledge what’s for you is for you, and what’s not is not. When things are meant to be, they will happen without confusion. When things aren’t meant for you, the key is to accept it and move on. Stop dwelling on “what if’s” and getting upset because something didn’t play out the way you hoped. You can’t fight against what’s not in your destiny.


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Value #5: Don’t waste your own time. Procrastination, sitting idle and poor time management need to be left in 2017. You hate when other people waste your time, so why keep doing it to yourself? Use your time wisely and make the most of it because time is the one thing you can’t get back.


You’ve got to do better this year and uphold values that are important to you. When you understand who you are as a person, you’ll understand the importance of personal values. And by this I mean real values, not the shallow, redundant and cliche values. Let’s get to it!!