5 Tips To Being The Super Woman God Intended For You To Be.

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As time passes along, the definition of being a woman has evolved into heights we’d never imagined. Who knew fighting for equal rights and equal opportunities would eventually open doors for us that we as women never intended to venture through to begin with. The typical stereotype of being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen has turned into a greater phenomenon, which not only includes being pregnantin the kitchen, but also running several businesses while juggling a family. Let’s face it, the roles of womanhood have changed, and thus, so have we as women.

Knowing how to juggle family life, professional careers, and romantic relationships has become a major burden on many women. Each different element requires a different part of us, or in the case of raising children, all parts of us! Here are 5 tips to help each woman juggle all elements of life while making it look flawless and effortless.

Plan your weekly schedule ahead of time: This tip is #1 for a reason. Planning your time will allow you to prioritize what is most important, and it also helps you to make the most use of your time. If you do not plan your time wisely you will find yourself doing things that don’t matter, and then not having enough time for the things that matter the most. Try sitting down on Sunday to plan for the week ahead, hour by hour. Write it down in your phone, or in your calendar so you can keep track of what you should be doing. Keep an eye out for certain tasks to delegate to others to create more time for yourself.


Schedule daily “me” time and make it sacred: Make sure to set aside 30 minutes each day to indulge in self-care. You cannot pour out of an empty well. You won’t be useful to your family, spouse, customers, or employer if you do not find time to recharge. This time should only be spent doing the things that benefit you and your well-being. This is your chance to show yourself the love you tend to show others.  Some examples of things to do includes exercising, meditating, dancing, listening to music, reading, writing, or just taking a nap.

5 Essentials Every Woman Needs To Conquer A Healthy Balance_ Held In High Esteem.jpg


Plan how to use your energy: We all know that we embody many different types of energy. Some feminine and some masculine. As you venture through your day you should know what type of energy to use, and where to use it. For instance, masculine energy is more beneficial in the boardroom than in the bedroom. Knowing this, makes it wise to use that energy at work because being a bit more aggressive might help you close business deals and secure contracts. In the bedroom, it may be wise to use more of your feminine energy to soften things up and become more sensual. This goes for anything you do, take the time to be mindful of which energy you’re using and knowing when to switch it up. I like to name my different “energies”. For instance, I am naturally reserved so I created an alter ego I like to call Candy, sheis outgoing and fun. When it’s time to network or have date night, I like to bring Candy out because she never seems to disappoint.


Adapt to the mind of a child: In an era, where being a woman is associated with gender roles we realize life would be so much easier if we thought like a child sometimes. As women we tend to overthink, overanalyze and over plan even though we know things won’t alwaysgo according to our plans. Thinking like a child allows us the flexibility to go along with what life throws at us. If you ever took a moment to watch children play you will realize they have a carefree attitude about a lot of things. We as women need to learn how to adjust by letting things be as they are. If you’re too tired to mop the floor, then don’t stress over it. Some things are more important than others and those things can wait.


Prioritize and learn to say no: Learning to prioritize what requires your attention is a lesson in which youwill always benefit from. When youlearn to say no it will keep you from wasting your time and energy. Really think about what you’re giving your attention to. Prioritize the things which matter the most such as family, work (we all need a check) and self-care. Anything that does not fall into the “important” category should be heavily reconsidered. Cutting down on your phone usage, and social media intake will clear up time to do more important things such as prepare dinner for the next night. The same energy you use to scroll through Instagram for hours can be used to give your husband a back massage, or research a potential business venture. Why waste your time on frivolous things?


Ladies, please remember Rome was not built in a day. Learning how to successfully balance your life will require daily reflection and time to create new habits. As our schedules change so will our demands. As you adjust, take time to reflect on what you did for the day. Ask yourself:

“How could I have made better use of my time?”

“How could I haveworked smarter rather than harder today?”

Kendra Rose

Roses Bloom

Career & Love Coach

About the author: Kendra Rose is the founder of Roses Bloom which is a movement created to empower women to be their best. Kendra is a NY native who is looking to make an impact in the community in order to strengthen families through blogging and mentoring. Kendra is a graduate student who is interested in mentoring women on career and love topics.