5 Things You've Feared Without Realizing It

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Sometimes fear can be so subtle that we unknowingly live it in our day to day mannerisms and actions. It can be so subtle that we think it’s just part of our personality, or preference of choice. Without realizing it, you may be living in constant fear. Below I’ve listed five of the most common fears we have all have experienced at one point or another. 


Fear of the unknown.

This means being fearful of not knowing what to expect, what's to come, or what the future holds. Instead of taking time to prepare for "could be's" you don't do anything at all. Instead you sit idle which is never a good thing, it's also a waste of time. Even when God tells us to be patient as he works things out on our behalf, we are still supposed to get prepared in the meantime. Fear of the unknown is especially difficult for those who love being organized, in control, and must plan everything out before taking any action.


Fear of change.

This is for those who want everything to stay the same, and love routine. People like this hate trying new things and meeting new people. They aren't adventurous nor spontaneous, in fact they're very predictable. Fear of change is for those who love comfort zones. To some, it causes anxiety, overthinking, a weird feeling overall, and uncomfortableness. Change should be embraced, because without change growth would be absent.


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Fear of loneliness.

This is typically when someone makes the decision to stay in one-sided unfulfilling relationships/friendships for fear of being lonely. Don't confused lonely with being alone. You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. A characteristic of being lonely is when you seek others for validation, or permission to do certain things. It's when you need to be around others to feel good about yourself. It's when you thrive off social interaction more than what's considered normal.


Fear of failure.

I understand no one wants to fail at anything because I surely don’t, but it is apart of life. Don’t let the possibility of failure distract you from applying yourself, don’t lose your focus. Don't let past or future failures keep you from doing your best. Sometimes you have to experience a setback in order to become stronger. Your failure is your testimony. Believe in yourself because disbelief will have you forgetting the power you hold.


Fear of success.

Fear of success usually means added responsibilities, duties, and delegation of tasks. This means you'll have to put in more work, and be held accountable for your actions. An example would be being promoted to a management position, or starting your own business. Instead of having to only look out for yourself, you'll now have to manage staff, and understand they too will be a direct reflection of you. Your work ethic and level of competence will have to reflect the new position you hold. You'll need to arrive on time, if not early every day, and there will be less opportunities to call in.


Whatever fear you have, take the risk and gamble on yourself. If you do fail, figure out why, then create a better plan for next time.


Fear is not an option, choose to walk fearlessly today.