5 Savvy Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring is officially here so you know what that means- warmer weather, flowers sprouting and trees blooming. Spring is when we can physically see growth taking place in nature around us. We can see the things that once appeared to be dead, bloom into something beautiful. We can see trees that once lost their leaves in the winter, gain them right back in Spring. This is proof to show you not everything you think is lifeless will stay that way forever. Without winter there wouldn’t be a spring; without some difficult moments, you wouldn’t be able to see what can grow while under pressure.


Spring is also the time of year most do their thorough cleaning. It’s the time of year to get rid of those clothes you haven’t worn, and things you haven’t used in months. Spring cleaning means going through that junk drawer, cleaning out the pantry, refrigerator, car and so on— cleaning your house from top to bottom. As nature begins to bloom into its’ scenic views, it makes me think of things that may bloom in our personal lives as well.

5 Savvy Ways To Spring Clean Your Life_ Held In High Esteem.jpeg

We should be planting and sowing seeds at every chance we get.

The seeds we planted at the beginning of the year should have begun to sprout by now—maybe not full blown, but just a little at least. Im sure you have a few goals set for this year that you want to accomplish, and hopefully you’re on the path to doing just that. If you don’t see as much progress as you hoped for, then make sure you are tending to your seed sowing as often as needed. If you haven’t begun planting those seeds, then it’s never too late to begin.

Having a sturdy foundation will create a safe place for those seeds to grow the way you want them to.

A foundation will give you the encouragement and strength you need to keep going in the midst of darkness. Pressure and perseverance are needed for growth—to produce your goals.

Whatever seeds you choose to plant, always be willing to review your plans periodically as you go through the process.

Tweak or revamps your plans to work specifically for you because this is the time to grow, create, think, and learn.

As you work towards planting and sowing seeds this season, stay in tune with your feelings, whether wanted and unwanted.

It’s easy to bury unwanted feelings as if they never existed, but that’s not going to help you out. You may have to deal with the feelings of things not growing as fast, or as strong as you wanted. Sometimes we produce dead things and don’t understand how when we gave so much time and attention to it.

Sometimes things just take longer than expected to produce the results we want.

It is possible to have weeds growing without you realizing it. Some weeds may even seem beautiful at first sight, but remember a weed is still a weed, no matter how you look at it. Sort through the weeds of your life, pulling up whatever doesn’t serve you purpose. You’ll have to separate yourself from things and people that can distract you from the goals you have set. Consider this your own special fertilizer.

Ask you reflect this spring season, ask yourself what seeds are you planting in your life and what do you expect to grow from those seeds?