5 Lies You Keep Telling Yourself

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In life we’ve learned the truth isn’t always welcoming and lies tend to soften the blow of reality. Sometimes lying does in fact make us feel good. Ignoring the truth is how we deal with the reality of things.


Have you ever been confronted about a lie you told, only to lie again to cover up your tracks? Do you practice lying so much that you begin to believe yourself? Or maybe you rationalize with technicalities. Technically it wasn’t a lie if you just left out information right? Well no matter how you look at it, a lie is a lie. It’s bad when we lie to other people, but it’s worse when we lie to ourselves. Let’s take a look at 5 common lies we’ve all told ourselves at some point.


My excuses are valid.

We love making excuses for our actions don’t we? It’s one sure way to get out of admitting when you’re wrong, or have made a mistake. It’s how we justify not being on our “A” game, or doing less than what we should. What we don’t realize is, lying to ourselves only makes things worse. This is how we stay complacent and out of touch with reality. Stop making excuses for yourself and instead own up to your shortcomings.


I’ll just do this tomorrow or next week.

Sitting idle and wasting time are the effects of procrastination. Putting things off until they can’t be put off any longer is how stress is created. When your to-do list is piled high it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Why waste time that you can never get back?


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I don’t need to save money this month.

At this age we all realized the importance of establishing a savings. I’m sure we’ve either experienced firsthand or know someone who lost a job and didn’t have anything saved up. Job loss and unexpected expenses are the top reasons why a savings is needed. For some odd reason we all think “It will never happen to me”. We think we’re invincible until it actually happens. Then and only then do we kick ourselves in the butts for not being more prepared.


I don’t need any help, I can do this on my own.

Thinking you don’t need any support or companionship is a sure way to fail at life. Yes, we all want to be able to handle our own problems effectively, but sometimes you do need help from others. No one really wants to or needs to go through life alone. Receiving help doesn’t have to be seen as a hand out or pity party. Allow others to look out for you and to show you they care. Don’t let your pride block your blessings.


There’s nothing wrong with me, I don’t need to change.

Everyone needs to change except you right? You are perfect and fine just the way you are. You are blameless and without fault right? Lies!!! Everyone needs to change at some point in their life, especially in the case of growth. No one should ever want to stay the exact same month after month, year after year. In fact, if you think you’re the only one in this world who doesn’t need to change, then the real problem is you. You need to get your life together.


Why make yourself suffer with this kind of mentality?