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So glad you found me, and welcome to Held in High Esteem! In my line of work I frequently counseled teens and young adults struggling to overcome low self-esteem and depression. Overtime I realized how I much I wanted to extend  my reach beyond those in my local community. I created this blog with the purpose of empowering millennials from various walks of life. I want to inspire, uplift, and encourage them to truly love themselves.


When challenges arise- those feelings of stress, anxiety, and defeat can easily show up. One negative thought can spiral out of control causing you to doubt yourself, and to feel timid about your own abilities. Once you learn how to filter out the negativity that comes along with it, you'll be able overcome anything. 




We’ll dig deeper into self-esteem by discussing many topics such as self-care, body image, overcoming your past failures, comfort zones, dating, finances, career development, and much more. Here, it’s all about positivity, sending the message to hold yourself in high esteem. Most importantly love yourself. Be proud of who you are.